The Experience

I firmly believe that a photograph alone, is not what makes it so special. For me, it's the experience behind the image which really brings it to life. I endeavour to create a fun and relaxed environment for you and your family to enjoy yourselves and have the most personal, photo shoot possible.

You will be with me for around 2 hours. The photography session will last between 30 and 40 minutes. During this time I will take plenty of shots, using different backgrounds and styles. Bring some personal items, for example if dad likes golf bring a golf club and shoes, or if mum is a nurse bring a stethoscope, not to mention favourite teddies/blankets/books. I can use these special things to tailor your experience.

Once your session is over, I will get to work straight away on making your portraits ready to view. You have a 20 minute break and when you return I will present you with a slideshow. You will have the opportunity to select and purchase what you love. There are lots of packages available, but with my help we can tailor something which specifically suits your needs and budget. Packages are only available on the day of your shoot. This is because we have set the time aside to help you choose your package. Due to file sizes, I only keep your images for a few weeks.

I work closely with our lab to ensure your order is perfect and everything will be back and ready to collect from the studio within 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, your family and friends can see your portraits on the secure, online viewing gallery. They can also take advantage of special discounts based on your personal collection.